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When you empower yourself with the right tools, knowledge, self-love and compassion – everything falls into place.


Welcome Magic Maker – Soul Searcher – Creative Soul.

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You are ready for change but not sure where to start.

You know there’s more but not sure where to look.

You are a creative soul but feel a little stuck.

You are yearning to heal and transform your life.

Amethyst and Wands


Are you ready to empower your soul with tools and knowledge to begin your transformational journey?

Are you ready to unearth your deepest treasures?



Hi, I’m Moni and welcome to my sacred space and healing hub – Mandala Soul Designs.

I started this space as a way to show myself that I am capable. That I am worthy. That I am enough. And to show that this is true for you too!

For years I’ve struggled with self-doubt, insecurities, depression, anxiety and debilitating chronic illness. Luckily I’m now in a much better place. There still so much further for me to go but I’ve got heaps to share which will hopefully empower you and others along the way.

I am here to show you (and myself) that anything is possible.

The journey to healing might not be the easiest or simplest route. But it is the most rewarding and courageous way.

The only way out is through.

<3 Moni xx

Amethyst and Wands



  • Products, E-Courses & Art prints coming soon!
  • A website full of inspiration and information for your soul!
  • Creative ways of changing your life
  • Custom intuitive mandala designs & logo’s


::::: Art Prints, Products & E-Courses coming soon!! :::::

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