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Hi, I am Moni, so stoked you’re here!Crystal Magic

Made in Sweden – Hungarian heritage – And now, lucky to call Australia home.

I’m currently on a healing journey that’s taken me on roads I never thought I’d be brave enough to take. This healing road trip has lasted many years with some massive potholes along the way! Ha…ok let’s get serious…

The past 9 years I’ve been actively seeking, learning and implementing everything I can to help heal my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) and Fibromyalgia (FM).

There’s been a lot of experimentation with nutrition and diet, mindfulness and meditation, different ways of exercising and yoga, chakra balancing and reiki and so many more alternative healing modalities!

I’ve participated in so many different courses & masterminds as well as joined a Business and Life Academy, became a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, completed Level 3 Kundalini Reiki Master training, found 3 wonderful women specializing in the treatment of CFS/ME (who have helped me tremendously on my healing journey) and I’ve also had the chance to share my Mandala Art with beautiful souls around the world!


If my illness would never have happened

I would still be blind

I would not have been able to see the possibilities of life

I would not have discovered the possibilities of me.” – Moni 4 June ‘2015


Although I’m still on this journey, my wish is to share my stories and discoveries to hopefully be able to help you too. I would be honoured if you joined me on this healing trip. And it would totally make my day (life) if, along the way, you are able to learn and benefit from some of my experiences.

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I hope within these pages I’ve created, there is something within in you that awakens. I hope you find something that empowers you.


May you blossom and grow. May you start weaving magic into your life. May you empower yourself with the right tools and fill your life with creativity, healing and mindfulness.

Moon Mandala

I believe with a change of mindset we can achieve anything.

I believe everyone should know that they are enough. That they are worthy.

I believe in magic and the power of the mind.

I believe in self-love and that this can single-handedly change our lives for the better.


I believe in you.

Amethyst and Wands


Big love

Moni xx


Mandala Art || Watercolours & Mandalas || Root Chakra

 I am: 

  • A Converse Loving Dancer
  • A Mum
  • A Barefoot Dreamer  – A bit of a Hippy
  • Herbalist – Ointment Maker – Alchemist
  • Inventive Recycler
  • Stargazing Moon lover
  • Deep thinker
  • Mandala Enthusiast
  • Seamstress – Fabric Collector – Maker of custom handbags & accessories
  • Tattoo loving health & wellbeing advocate

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