Gluten Intolerance || A Guide for Loved Ones

Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease – A Guide for Loved Ones

Do you know someone who is gluten intolerant or has Celiac Disease? Are you avoiding inviting them to your place because you don’t know what to feed them?

Or do you suffer from these conditions and are wanting to let your loved ones know how to cater for you at gatherings?

I’ve been on a mostly gluten-free “diet” for over 10 years, as I have a gluten allergy. So instead of fighting with my body’s protest to gluten, I opted to take out wheat and gluten from my diet. But I know by doing so it has been a little difficult for my family and friends to know what to feed me.

So that’s why I would like to compile different ideas for menus, recipes, meal planning and anything else that will hopefully help someone out there with similar issues.


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