METAPHYSICS || Alternative Healing & Guidance

Metaphysics ||

Alternative Healing & Guidance

Welcome to the Metaphysical section. This space will cover things like:

  • CHAKRA HEALING  What are chakras, how do they work and tips on how to perform chakra cleansing and so much more.
  • TAROT & DIVINATION – Discover how these tools can guide you but also aid in trusting & following your intuition.
  • STONE HEALING – All about crystals and gemstones – how they can help with healing and manifesting. Also featuring an encyclopedia of different crystals and gemstones with in-depth detail and expanation of each specific stone. Learn about Crystal Grids – what they are and how to use them.
  • MOON CYCLES – How following the natural cycles of our lady luna can improve our life – tips, charts and rituals.

and so much more coming soon!

This section will be updated regularly.

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