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…..I have a thing with rocks. A love affair that spans continents and time….. :)

Rocks have always played a huge part in my life. In my younger years I collected heaps of different rocks and stones of all kinds of shapes, types and sizes.

I even had a large clothing drawer dedicated to my rock collection! Who needs clothes when you can enjoy the company of precious rocks and stones?

I had a special connection to these rocks I collected. Maybe I picked up on their “energy” I don’t know – but I would spend time touching them, talking to them. Admiring them.

Yeah…I was the ultimate rock nerd…. ;)

This very precious and much-loved rock collection came with me to Australia when we moved. Most of my rocks came from parts of Sweden and also many parts of Europe!

My first realization about the power of different types of rocks came from this amazing lady we met and befriended in Perth, shortly after my family and I arrived in Australia. She intrigued me but to be honest, also freaked me out a bit! Her eyes used to bore down deep into my soul….well that’s what it felt like.

This intriguing lady said she knew how to heal with crystals and well, me being a rock-stone-crystal-gemstone fanatic – I wanted to KNOW more! She told me she could heal, my then, very painful periods with crystals. Really? I must say I was highly sceptical but I thought why not – I’ll give it a go.

So one day she performed a healing with gemstones all over my body. I was in my late teens. It was surreal & freaky – I felt way out of my comfort zone and wasn’t sure how this possibly could help. I mean, I loved stones and rocks but to actually heal ailments??

And during the session I couldn’t help but wonder what in the world I’d just agreed to?! But it ended up being quite relaxing. There was soothing music in the background, the smell of incense and the room was so cosy. And she had some incredibly beautiful stones. Must say, I was a bit envious of her collection.

So I agreed to another session, if nothing else but to gawk at her crystals and gemstones!

But surprisingly (or not) the outcome was amazing. Can you believe I didn’t have any issues for years after these sessions?! Although I didn’t really understand the why or the how at the time, only that miraculously I didn’t have those painful periods anymore.

Who would’ve thought that gemstones and crystals had that kind of power. I was so amazed and intrigued! After this experience there was never any going back. But then again I don’t think I could ever live without rocks and stones, even if they didn’t have “magical” powers. But they do and they rock!

Through the years my gemstone and crystal collection has grown. They are scattered throughout our home. Blessed & programmed to serve different purposes.

And last year I finally had the opportunity to further my knowledge and love for gemstones and crystals by becoming certified in stone healing! Yay!

I have so much I want to share about healing and manifesting with gemstones and crystals. There will be updates to this website regularly. Take a look below for further reading or sign up for my website to receive the latest updates and discover ways of incorporating the amazing healing powers of gemstones and crystals into your life.


M xx


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