MOON CHARTS and How to Use them

Moon Charts and How to use them || Mandala Soul Designs


A great way to manifest with Lady Luna is to use Moon trackers and charts! They are so easy to fill in and they are awesome for keeping track of our rhythms, cycles and intentions.

If you are wishing to incorporate these moon trackers or charts into your life, but are not sure how to use them, I’ve written this little post for you :) and I even have a moon chart available for free that you can download and use! 

WHAT YOU NEED for Manifesting with the Power of the Moon:

  • A Moon Tracker or Chart (you can download my free one here)
  • A few minutes to write and fill in appropriate details (see more in the below step by step guide)
  • An intention or goal for the Moon Cycle ahead
  • A Moon phase/cycle App to see which zodiac sign the moon is in for each given day but also for information on when the different phases begin and end, like the Full Moon and New Moon. (I have android and use “Moon Phases” & “Phases of the Moon” Apps)
  • An ephemeris (optional)
  • Candles, Crystals, Tarot & Oracle cards, Incense etc :) (optional)



Most of the trackers available are based on a Phenology Wheel which is a circular shaped tracker that has  been used for following the patterns of natural cycles and seasons. You can find out a bit more about phenology wheels here. These are very much like a Mandala and I love writing in my intentions in the centre.

This type of tracker is also my favourite because it’s really easy to follow and you get to see a quick “snap shot” of the moon cycle.

Each moon cycle is 29.5 days. A womans menstrual cycle is averaged out to 28 days so it’s also a great tool for using to see how your time of the month or “Moon time” coincides with the different moon phases. Not only can these tools help us tune in with the moon but also with our own cycles, which is important for connecting with our intuition and to our soul’s needs. (here’s more info about our Menstrual cycle and Moon via Dr Christiane Northrup



The best way to use these trackers/charts is by beginning on the New Moon, but of course you could begin on the Full Moon as well or when your menstrual cycle begins. I like beginning on a New Moon which is a wonderful time to start something new or begin projects :)

I also like to add an intention for each cycle. This has been incredibly helpful in reaching certain goals, dreams and achievements.

You could set intentions for health, wealth, manifestation, exercise, finishing projects, goals, dreams, visions, self love, self care and the list goes on!


  • 1. Begin on a New Moon
  • 2. Print out your wheel shaped moon tracker.
  • 3. Optional – to make this a really cool ritual you could light candles, incense, use crystals, draw tarot and oracle cards and so forth to further amplify things :)
  • 4. Think of an intention or intentions you would love to see manifest and then write them down in the centre of the wheel. (optional)
  • 5. The next step is to write down the dates for the month/moon cycle, beginning on the New Moon and going in a CLOCKWISE manner. (See pic below)


How to use a Moon Tracker or Moon Chart || Mandala Soul Designs


  • 6. If you have access to an astrological calendar like Lunarium, you can add in the zodiac signs of each moon phase. (here’s an interesting article that explains a little more about the moon and zodiac signs via Little Red Tarot)

Also at this stage you can add your own “legend” where you can use your own symbols, signs or colours, (like I have in the picture below), for things you are tracking.


Moon Charts and How to use them || Mandala Soul Designs


  • 7. When it suits you and you have a little peace and quiet, sit down each day and fill in what you feel appropriate for that day. I like to write a little sypnosis of my day in the wedges, or if something big or eventful happened I will include this. I also like to colour in the wedges, gauging my level of tiredness and/or energy. It’s also great to include when you are menstruating or any other thing you’re tracking.


How to use a Moon Tracker or Moon Chart || Mandala Soul Designs


So there you have it. I hope you will be able to incorporate this simple but very effective routine into your daily life. I wish you all the best with manifesting a life filled with magic, balance and intuition.


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