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The aim of using the Moon cycles to manifest abundance in your life, whether it be related to health, money, career, lifestyle or anything else you’re wishing for, is that it gives you more direction than a conventional calendar can. Because we see the Moon in her various stages throughout the luna cycle, it can keep us reminded and more focused on our set intentions for the month/cycle ahead.


In turn, we are more likely to take action towards our dreams, goals and wishes. For thousands of years the Moon has been worshipped, studied and used as a tool for many practises around the world. It’s also so incredibly rewarding to connect with La Luna on a regular basis as her natural rhythms can help us tune in and be more mindful.


A great way to keep track of how your dreams are manifesting, or to gauge your moods and energy levels, is to use phenology wheels (a circular shaped tracker with the different phases of the moon) and/or moon phase charts (which look more like a conventional calendar). I use both! Each one does a slighty different thing. They track my menstrual cycles, my energy levels, my introversion, my moods and so on. I’ve created a phenology wheel you can download and use. It’s free just click on the pic below.

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Looking back over these trackers I can see my own cycle, my rhythm and get a clearer idea of where I’m at or what is causing certain things to happen in my life. I can go back over them, re-evaluate and get back on track if need be!


The most powerful times to set intentions are at the New Moon and the Full Moon.

 New Moon

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar/moon cycle. This is the best time for setting the intention, planting the seeds (figuratively and literally), and starting on the journey. Do this for each New Moon. Even if you haven’t completed your set intentions in the previous luna cycle, on the next New Moon you can continue what you started, or add something else you are needing to manifest.

(NEW MOON RITUAL coming soon)

Full Moon

The Full moon is a pretty powerful and potent time. It’s when the moon is full and she shines so magnificently bright in the night sky.

This is a time for release and letting go. Declutter, remove what no longer serves you, and make room for what you are wanting to manifest. The time to really SHINE a light on all that’s lurking in the background, dragging us down – holding us back.

Full moon is also a great time for cleansing crystals and gemstones, or anything you use for divination work.

(FULL MOON RITUAL coming soon)



  • First, set an intention (a wish, dream, goal) at the New Moon.
  • The 2 week period after New Moon is called WAXING, meaning the Moon gets more illuminated each day. This is the time where we work on taking action towards our set intentions, wishes, dreams or goals.
  • After the approximate 2 week period of the Moon waxing, we arrive at the Full Moon. This is a great time for connecting with La Luna, especially if you can see her in the sky. So make sure you spend some time under her gorgeous light. It’s also a wonderful time to acknowledge all that you’ve achieved so far and write down what you are grateful for.


The period around the Full Moon is also a powerful time to begin to release everything you no longer need. You can remove blockages that are holding you back from achieving set intentions.


  • After the Full Moon, and for approximately the next 2 weeks, we have the period of the WANING Moon. La Luna appears to be “growing” smaller. This period before the next New Moon is a great time for re-assessing how things are going or developing. This is an excellent time for further decluttering and letting go of anything that is holding us back or keeping us stuck.
  • Then we are back at a New Moon, a new beginning.
  • And it starts all over again. A second chance.


I have created a handy pinnable graphic below so you can keep track of the Moon cycles anytime!

Using the Moon Cycles to Heal & Manifest


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