Will you Allow Love in? Self Love & Sharing Love

“Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I’m afraid
I am through with this
‘Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher

I am the fire
I am burning brighter”

(Halestorm – I am the Fire)


Feel the Fire, Feel the Love, Be Fire, Be Love <3

Lovers Tarot Card - The Unknown Tarot Deck || Mandala Soul Designs



The Full Moon in Aquarius has been and gone but her energy and Partial Lunar Eclipse event is still lingering and affecting my energy levels. How about you? How have you been fairing?

We are also now in the midst of a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in LEO. Such a powerful eclipse event, which also falls in the Fire sign of Leo who rules the heart and calls Sun and her fiery Solar Rays home.

And it’s the second New Moon in LEO in a row too. Roar!

Leo calls us to shine in life and our endeavours but also to shine from within….and now is a wonderful and magical time to shine a light on our shadows so you can begin the journey of loving all of you.

Even the parts that you loathe and hide. Even the things about you that you feel ashamed for.

Today and the next few days, is the perfect time to show compassion for yourself. And to begin the journey of loving all of your “bits”.

FEEL your Heart center expand and FILL your whole self with LOVE.


We carry so many emotions and feelings that get imprinted in our cells and our energetic field. We don’t even realise that we keep carrying the leftovers with us….

It weighs us down, both mentally and physically.

For me personally this period has been one of overwhelm and extreme tiredness. I’ve had another episode of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is frustrating, but maybe also because, I’ve been working so much on releasing old energy from my body.

I’ve been so busy decluttering small parts of our home and the garden, even the computer and external hard drive got a good clean out and this has progressed into a feeling of needing to let go of stagnant energy from my own energy field.

Yes it’s been very exhausting. This stuff brings up emotions and memories that’s still lingering…although I’ve dealt with a lot of my issues, they are still there energetically! So lot’s of meditation and reiki. And rest and forgiveness…and surrender! Lol does it ever stop!?

But the most important step has been to immerse myself in LOVE. My whole body and energetic field. Forgive, release and LOVE.

Hard yakka but it feels amazing to finally begin getting to know me and my body.

What MY true needs are. What I TRULY love. Who I FEEL I AM in my cells.


Where do you FEEL this old energy is lingering in your body? Most of mine is located in the lower parts of my body (Root and Sacral Chakra) and in my throat area (Throat Chakra), so that’s what I’ve concentrated on mostly to heal.

Do you carry with you old memories?

Still live in or re-live the past?

Or maybe you collected all these momentos and bits and bobs from a time long gone, that still keeps you stuck there?

Now for the big questions….

What part of your shadow self can you forgive and give love to?

Which PART of YOU needs the most love?

Who would you BE if this part of you was healed?


I know there are a lot of focus and messages about Love and Self Love…but I also feel they can sometimes get a bit lost amongst all the noice.


How important it is to unconditionally love ourselves and for us to share our love.

It’s a powerful tool – Love.

And I know deeply from personal experience, how important it can be to share the love.

For someone like me, who has always struggled with self love, just by hearing someone expressing how they see me, or appreciate me is life altering.

And when it comes out of the blue, at a time when I might be feeling really bummed out….well it often is the exact thing I need to hear to lift my spirits!

One small act of kindness or expressing your love can change lives.

And yes this happened to me!

A few years ago, my life changed in a huge way on that magical day this beautiful Soul reached out to me – asking me to design her a couple of Mandala Logos for her candles.

At the time I hadn’t even considered or thought this was something possible for me…or something I could possibly do!

When I first began Mandala Soul Designs Instagram account I was there to hopefully spread inspo via quotes and art but also to share my healing journey….but since then, it has grown into so much more. But most importantly it has changed ME dramatically since those early days.

Mostly because someone reached out and expressed how they saw me.

I remember my heart racing wondering if this was all real..there was no way she could be serious? But she was.

Her name is Raelee and she changed my whole entire world!

One little request. A couple of words of encouragement. And she loved my Mandalas! It was incredible. And I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her.

Her reaching out to me and the following years of support and encouragement planted a seed within me….

This seed has grown and is developing into Self Love. Self BELIEF. Soul Growth. Inner Strength.


And this in return has opened up doors I never knew I could one day enter, which in turn has helped heal many broken parts of my Heart.

Life Changing.


If you knew you could change someones world simply by expressing how you feel about them or what you love about them or the things they create….would you say it?

Imagine people, and especially women, realising their potential and beginning to love themselves more…How could this change our world?

Imagine a world where there’s an abundance of compassion and love. Understanding and support.
Encouragement and guidance. Us lifting each other…

It doesn’t have to be on a global scale, it can start at home. Or your immediate circle of friends and family.

Tell them how you feel.
That you love them.
Tell them what you love about them.
And let them know what you think they are so good at.

Heart Gemstone Crystal Grid || Mandala Soul Designs

If they tell you they love you back, receive it.
And if they express how great YOU make them FEEL, receive it.
When they let you know they think you are awesome at something, take it in. FEEL it.



But many times, you might not receive anything in return. Sometimes people don’t know how to reciprocate or express themselves.

And yes sometimes they don’t know how to take it either…they might not believe you, because they don’t believe in themselves enough to even entertain such a possibility.

We never truly KNOW how someone might be feeling, or what is happening behind the scenes.

Go in without any expectations.
Don’t expect anything in return.
This is not about self gratification, although generally doing any act of kindness or sharing love around does have a very positive effect….

The thing is you WILL receive it back in one form or another. The Universe WILL reward you.

And the more you do it…the more YOU receive back. It might not be exactly how you give it, but like small miracles your life will change for the better. No doubt about it!

Who can you lift up today?

Which soul is going to receive your love and admiration?

Is there someone out there you think is awesome but too afraid to let them know? Tell them!

Will you allow others to reciprocate? Will you allow love in?



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