Self Love – A Journey


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Self Love – A Journey


Scars on my face –

Trying to be grateful,

Learning to be grateful


NOW – as I age


Trying hard to love those parts of me, so visible.

My struggles – There for all to judge

For all to see…


Every S I N G L E scar adorning my face

has been a challenge

A battle – So Emotional – So Physical




Assured we all struggle

I know NOW that we all do

We all have our stories of pain


And I’m still here


Trying to like me

Trying so hard not to judge me


Learning to love



Year by year. It does get better.


If you’re struggling now,

If you feel you’re not worthy, good enough, beautiful enough…

Please, learn to find compassion for YOU

Learn to love all parts of you

Search deep inside

Because you are so incredibly

worth it

Don’t let the outside define you

Look inside you and let that shine through

Every single cell of you

Don’t ever let OTHERS define you

You are different

Thank goodness!!

Embrace it – your essence


Stay strong – believe in all that you are

Stardust, atoms, particles, energy

Now that is bigger than anything else…any minor detail

Wow….that’s like the milky way – the UNIVERSE!

YOU are that and so much more

No matter the discolouring, the scars, the craters, the bumps and lumps

You are so much more than that

You are heart, you are soul

You are colour and light

You are breath

You are energy

You are in control

Of your destiny

Your thoughts & your path


Keep going

Don’t E V E R forget – You are awesome


That you are,




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