STONE HEALING – Healing & Manifesting with Gemstones & Crystals

Stone Healing || Gemstones & Crystals - Mandala Soul Designs

Stone Healing – Healing & Manifesting with Gemstones & Crystals

Welcome to Stone Healing! Crystals and gemstones have amazing powers. These guys can help with different aspects of manifesting and healing.

  • They can calm you.
  • Energize you.
  • Amplify your wishes and manifestations.
  • Assist in healing and protection.
  • Great to use in various divination. You can also program them to further amplify what you are wanting to achieve.

These pages on Stone Healing can help you learn what crystals & gemstones to use in various treatments or manifestations. Discover the magic of Crystal Grids and how you can use them for healing and manifesting an amazingly abundant life! Which gemstones & crystals to use for cleansing and balancing your Chakras. And so much more!!

There will also soon be a complete encyclopedia of different stones and crystals. However this will be a bit ambitious so please be patient with me as I keep adding information.

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:: More Crystals & Gemstones added soon! Crystal Grids coming soon!

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