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you mystical mysterious thing you.


Deep with enchantment and mystery, tarot will take you to a place you’ll never want to leave. Seriously!!


When I first began my tarot journey within the Certified Metaphysical Practitioner course, I had no real knowledge of tarot. I knew some stuff, but had no idea as to how incredibly helpful, guiding and inspirational it would turn out to be.

Tell you the truth at first I was a bit hesitant of learning this divination tool. I thought it was all a bit spooky – I mean it had cards like death and the devil! And don’t get me started on the tower! lol

Tarot Reading - The Wild Unknown Tarot || Mandala Soul Designs

Tarot Cards by The Wild Unknown

But learning the tarot has proven to be life changing.

Sometimes I struggle to make my mind up quickly or make important decisions, and I am an expert at confusing myself along the way (although I am improving in this area). Well the tarot cards help and guide me gently – they are there for me whenever I need answers or guidance in certain situations. They help me make sense of things that have confused me. Or detoured me.

They have proven to be such an important tool on my self-healing journey.


A common misconception is that when using divination tools such as tarot cards, you give away your “power”. Or that you are letting outside factors come into play in making your decisions or giving you answers. But I don’t agree.

I always feel like I’ve got the ultimate power and that I’m the only person that can make a choice or a decision. Just because I’m asking my cards or feeling out certain situations and impending decisions, doesn’t mean I’m rendered powerless. In fact it’s more empowering because the cards give me choices. They let me go deeper and make me ask the necessary questions. They make me try harder.

Tarot encourages me to use my intuition &

listen to my gut instinct.



There’s nothing hocus pocus about tarot. It acts just like a mirror, reflecting and adding great insight as to what’s really going on. Tarot cards help shine a light on issues that are blocking us, or give us an insight into our true feelings. Even though a tarot card cannot tell you exactly “what” – they help us by looking deep within.

Reading tarot unearths amazing mysteries. It helps us navigate our life’s journey with clarity and a clear vision. My intention wasn’t to become a professional tarot reader, but to develop my own connection with my intuition. It has been purely for my own empowerment and healing. By learning and incorporating tarot into my everyday life I have been gifted with amazing insights, and a much fuller and richer life’s journey. Absolutely love this divination tool! :)

If you’re wanting to learn more about tarot check out my tarot PINTEREST BOARD. Or click on the pic below for a list of tarot readers and resources I’ve compiled for you.


I wish you all the best with your own tarot journey!

 Hope you find the answers you are looking for

Much love

M xx

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