Vegan or Vegetarian || A Guide for Loved Ones

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Vegan or Vegetarian – A Guide for Loved Ones

I’ve heard the joke “go and get some grass outside to munch on” too many times when going to a family or friends house for lunch or dinner. So, this is a place of inspiration for loved ones of  “grass munchers” (cause, you know, we don’t always eat grass!) to be able to whip up some awesome (grassless) vegan or vegetarian meals. I hope this space gives you confidence and a fearless approach to catering for your vegan or vegetarian friend or family member.

I’ve been vegetarian for a long time and I’m now gravitating towards a vegan lifestyle. There’s been many trial and errors. A massive learning curve along the way. One of the most challenging things have been social gatherings. People seem to freak out, not sure what to feed you! I really don’t like putting people out but choosing this lifestyle has been such an important choice for me so I’ve persevered.

I would love to share some tips and tricks for how you can cater for your vegan or vegetarian friends, family members or loved ones.

This will be a space for recipes, serving suggestions and so much more. So next time you’ve got a social gathering you’ll know exactly what to serve and make them feel really special!

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