Earth Body & Breath – A Grounding & Calming Meditation


“Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

EARTH, BODY & BREATH MEDITATION || 5 Steps to a Calmer & Anxiety Free you || Mandala Soul Designs


One day as I sat on my yoga mat, my bum on my meditation cushion, this very grounding and calming guided meditation flowed through into my consciousness…it was so powerful and vivid that I had to get it down on paper. I’ve been doing this meditation everyday since.

It’s helped me feel connected to myself and the world at large. Having always been a little clumsy especially my feet always getting in the road, this meditation just makes everything go so much smoother.

And now it’s been easier for me connect and earth myself no matter where I am or what I’m doing. This helps especially with my anxiety or in situations where I’m feeling a little frazzled.


This meditation targets our Root Chakra, which is our foundation. Our Root Chakra governs our connection to the world. A healthy Root Chakra will help us feel grounded and calm. Help us feel secure and safe. Make us feel as if we belong…here and now. And less clumsy for some us! :)


I highly encourage you to make up your own version. Sometimes our own words make more sense and help us to truly connect. But you can use this as a foundation – a guide. I hope it helps you in some way <3 xx

 p.s Best way to really grasp this meditation? I highly recommend reading the ‘introduction’ section below as this will give you a better understanding of the 5 steps. Enjoy xx

Gold Line


This meditation uses our breath to connect with our Root Chakra and to the Earth’s energies.

1.  The very first step is to get us prepared for the meditation. It doesn’t have to be anything too sophisticated, but it’s an important step before starting a meditation.

2. In the second step we begin by connecting with our Root Chakra. This will help ground us and is the basis of this meditation.

3. In the third step we are concentrating and using our OUT breath to grow roots from out Root Chakra. Some of our roots will be used to connect with the Earth’s CORE. And some roots will branch out further beneath our Root Chakra until they surround the entire ground beneath us.

4. The fourth step is to use our IN breath to breathe in the Earth’s calming and nourishing energies by using our extensive root system we’ve built and grown beneath us.

5. The fifth and final step is for incorporating our IN and OUT breaths. We use our IN breath to breath in powerful healing Earth energies into our bodies. And this time, we use our OUT breath to let those beautiful healing energies, envelop our outer body and surroundings. Like a shield of sorts.


Best results is to read through Step 1 to 5 below & ‘visualise’ the meditation before you try it for yourself.

Sometimes I use calming music without any singing, which helps me to really chill out and also to visualise my way through this meditation.

I’m loving and been using the PowerThoughts Miracle Tone – Raise Positive Vibrations meditation available to listen to for free via youtube.


Before we begin our meditation, make sure you have some uninterrupted time to yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are or in which position. Just make sure you have everything ready before you start.

Best thing is to of course wear comfortable clothing. But as I said before, once you get the gist of this meditation you can do it pretty much anywhere, which might mean any type of clothing depending on where you are or what you are doing.

Make sure you have a glass of water handy. If you have access to candles or incense, get them ready. A meditation cushion if you are to be seated could come in handy. Get the music ready if you are using it.

Start by getting yourself in a comfortable position. I do prefer the seated position for this particular meditation but I also often do it laying down (sometimes in bed before I go to sleep or when I wake up).


Begin by focusing on your root chakra – the area of the pelvis – at the base of your spine. Imagine a buzzing energy field here spinning and heating up this area. You can visualise it being a bright red light (the colour of our Root Chakra) if you wish, but I like to feel her as just energy and sometimes white, golden or electric blue in colour.


Take a deep breath IN. Fill your lungs and your belly. As you EXHALE imagine roots beginning to grow from your Root Chakra.

Stay here and connect with you breathing – breathing in and out. And at every OUT breath, imagine your roots growing deeper and deeper.

Your roots might have to travel through your yoga mat and meditation cushion, or perhaps through your mattress and through concrete or wooden floors, dirt, rock….just keep going – pushing through any obstacles – until your strongest roots arrive at the centre of the Earth’s core. Feel her connect with you.

Take as long as you need here, keep breathing IN & OUT and growing your roots bit by bit with each EXHALE.

And as your roots arrive at the centre of the Earth – continue breathing & let your roots branch out from beneath your Root Chakra. Let them connect with all the roots beneath from trees and other plants. Feel your roots entwine with them.

And imagine a carpet of roots all around you for as far as you can visualise.

Keep repeating this especially if you get distracted or if you find it difficult to connect to the meditation. Until you truly feel part of mother Earth and deeply grounded in her energy.



Once you’re there, and your roots are strong & connected – Every breath IN that you take, imagine that you are breathing in beautiful, calming, grounding Earth energy into your body, into every cell, organ, muscle and bone.

Let the energies flow into your body. Nourishing – Energizing – Revitalising you.

The aim here is to let your IN breath carry the nourishing Earth energy throughout your entire body.

(You can read through below to get an idea of how you can guide your IN breath and Earth energy through your body, but you might have to modify it to suit you. Don’t get too carried away with trying to get it perfectly right…instead use the below description as a guide. And if you have to breathe out before you’ve arrived at the top of your head, please do! Just begin again where you left off.)

FEEL the amazing Earth energy flowing through the whole of your body…as it moves up your entire body.

Beginning from the IN breath at the Root Chakra – the base of your spine – and flowing down your legs and feet, then continuing up through your lower belly and your Sacral Chakra, up along your spine and through your stomach & Solar Plexus Chakra.

Then up trough your chest & Heart Chakra, continuing up through your shoulders, down your arm and hands, up again trough your neck & Throat Chakra.

Up through your face and your forehead/Third Eye Chakra until it finally arrives at the top of your head & Crown Chakra.


And once this amazing IN breath of Earth energy has travelled from the Earth through your entire body up to the top of your head & Crown Chakra, let the EXHALE (your OUT breath) envelop your surroundings, your body and your Aura.

Imagine her powerful energy entirely surrounding your whole body and your entire external energy field.

Keep doing the breathing here for as long as you like….IN to bring in Earth energy throughout your body – OUT to surround your entire body, both internally and externally.

Your OUT breath carries the nourishing Earth energy all around you and your whole energy field for as far as you can imagine it reaching.

Do these In and Out breaths a few times, until you feel totally encompassed in this magical Earth energy.

With every breath, feel your body coming alive.


Feel the Earth’s powerful energies envelop your cells – as you breathe in.

Feel her powerful Healing, Calming, Protective and Nurturing energies envelop your whole outer being – Surrounding you  – as you breathe out.

This is where you belong, this is who you are – powerful and strong.


And you are right where you need to be in this very moment.

Gold Line

I hope this meditation will bring you closer to your body and make you feel more connected and grounded. Would love to hear from you. How did you find this meditation? Much love and calmness M xx

Earth, Body & Breath - A Grounded & Calming Meditation || Mandala Soul Designs


Let the nourishing energy of Earth encompass you

Feel her move through your body as you breathe in and feel her surround your outer as you breathe out.

She’s powerful energy – strong and grounding and you belong here with her you belong in this energy and she’s always within you.

Breathe her in – Breathe her out.

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EARTH, BODY & BREATH MEDITATION || 5 Steps to a Calmer & Anxiety Free you || Mandala Soul Designs




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