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Mandala Art - Mandala Soul Designs


Funnily enough I didn’t connect with or really “see” mandalas up until a few years ago!

But the instant I “discovered” them, I haven’t been able to stop drawing or incorporating them into my life. And when you really look around you can find them everywhere!

Mandalas have become such an integral part of my self-healing and empowerment journey. And have enriched my life tremendously. And they are so freaking beautiful to boot!

Watercolour Mandala - Mandala Soul Designs


What ultimately led me to fall in love with mandalas came from a dream I had, which evolved into a business idea. This dream originally led me to working on a project that incorporated chakras and energy healing. This is going back to December 2013. (This project is still a work in progress but hoping 2017 will see her come to life!) My “mission” was to draw the associated mandala for each chakra. And I absolutely fell in love! When I started drawing these mandalas, something happened. I found space. Space within me. Also something deep inside started to blossom. My love for drawing and art resurfaced.

I couldn’t stop, because when I drew mandalas, magic seemed to happen.

So much inner transformation and outer shifts.


Drawing and incorporating mandalas into my every day life has helped tremendously with my anxiety and has also provided great pain relief too. They are so incredibly magical to draw, you just never know what will become after the first circle or layer. A mandala is like us. Ever evolving, constantly expanding. For me it was, and still is, a fantastic form of meditation, healing and connection. Mandala art is my sanctuary.



But it wasn’t all that easy in the beginning. When I started I couldn’t draw a straight line – they were always crooked. I couldn’t draw a round circle, they were always distorted. When I first started – the negative self talk totally encompassed me. You see I’ve never really believed in my self.

But for the first time, I kept going, pushing through it all. My perfectionistic tendencies and my self-doubt. Once I got over the initial hurdle and the non straight lines and the crooked circles, I finally got to the other side – that very initial emotional turmoil gave way to a magical feeling of competence and achievement.

I can’t explain it any better than that.

And you know what? I still can’t draw straight lines or round circles that well!!! Ha…true story. But it’s ok, they have improved and for this I’m so happy! “Practise makes better” – as Jessie J puts it!

And now I’ve had the opportunity to share and show my own mandala art with the world, which is totally mind-blowing considering where and how I started.



The incredible thing is that you can create mandalas with just about anything – plants, seeds, twigs, leafs, flowers, petals, shells, crystals, stones….the possibilities are endless! It’s equally as meditative as drawing them or colouring them in. Mandala drawing or creation is such a meditative, relaxing and grounding activity.

I highly recommend giving it a go!

I wish you a wonderful journey discovering mandalas. Let these beauties into your life and feel the transformation begin.

 It’s inevitable!

<3 M xx

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